Canvas for Use in Poultry

Control of Salmonella Heidelberg.
Control of Coccidiosis.
Control of Pellets, vector of diseases such as Salmonella and other Bacterial Infections, which result in economic, zootechnical and sanitary losses.

Usage Procedure

Flat fermentation consists of humidifying the material, after removing the batch of birds, and covering it with waterproof canvas to prevent the exchange of gases with the environment for 12 days. The tarp is removed and the bed is left to rest for another two days, the time needed to dissipate the ammonia and reduce humidity.

The method of fermenting aviary bedding in windrows consists of piling the bedding in the center of the aviary and covering it with plastic sheeting along its entire length. A period of at least 10 days of the process is recommended before tarpaulin removal and litter redistribution in the house.

Adopting Companies

The vast majority of Brazilian agribusinesses that produce poultry protein, including the two largest exporters, use the litter fermentation procedure with the use of plastic sheeting.


Plastic tarpaulin is essential in poultry farms’ biosecurity programs, considering its role in litter fermentation, which results in the elimination of important Salmonella strains, among other important pathogens that affect the health and yield of the flocks. With correct handling and storage, the canvas can last for up to ten years.

Environmental impact

Canvas makes an important contribution to the environment, from the moment it allows the reuse of raw material from chicken litter, which, without fermentation, would have to be disposed of in the environment.

International Approval

The use of canvas for fermentation of chicken litter is a genuinely Brazilian procedure, whose results have been approved by more than 150 countries that import Brazilian chicken meat due to the quality and safety that our product offers.


We are manufacturers of this material in Brazil, we supply it in two colors, several measures, all existing weights. Virgin and recycled raw materials, details on the products page.

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